Ice-cream Shops to Try in California

Ice cream, everyone loves it, right, even if they try and deny it! In California, the heat means we nearly always want ice-cream, which is bad, but we have some amazing shops to choose from, which is great. Here are some of our faves!


Believing that there is more to a scoop of ice-cream, creators of Afters have mastered the art of bringing two great things together by combining ice-cream and donuts. You read that right, ice-cream and donuts- to bring you an ice-cream sandwich like no other. Pair any of their handcrafted and unique ice-cream flavours such as Vietnamese coffee and churro with their Milky buns for an unforgettable ice-cream experience.


Maybe you don’t care too much about how your ice-cream looks but we all know that you care about how it tastes. At Creamistry, they believe in serving ice-cream the right way- fresh. You won’t find …